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up to you now lyrics

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BEN HARPER lyrics : "up to you now"

You can run away from home

But you can't run away from your pain

Now I sit here alone

As I waste someone else to blame

It's up to you now, it's up to you now

Don't want to be your broken dream

We've run out of fate somehow

And it's up, oh, to you now

I have to hide from my own face

Now that we have fallen from grace

Arms that hold you close

Are the arms that hold you back

While your world is under attack

It's up to you now, it's up to you now

I stumbled to your alter

With my knees bent, my head bound

And it's up to you now

Oh, there's no sound louder than war

And we don't have tomorrow anymore

You wrote a list with all your demands

And you nailed it to both of my hands

And it's up to you now

Oh, it's up, up to you now

My fist is full of ashes

And my blood is in the ground

So it's up, yes, it's up

It's up to you now

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