He Who Breeds Pestilence lyrics

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BEHEMOTH lyrics : "He Who Breeds Pestilence"

"God is absence. God is the solitude of man."
Jean-Paul Sartre

inflict the seed ov Eve upon me
the heritage ov Cain can't be undone
'tis my rejection! 'tis my denial!

that stirs with repulsive mortifications
they attempted to deprive me from my odium ov chaos
they threw my wretched body into rivers ov purgatory

for such is a consequence ov my angelic nature
abortion ov god in my leprous womb

soiled with the miasma ov the bleakest hemisphere
the formless fires ov Amenti unfold
not nearly as frenzy as discordia that breeds within

not nearly as frenzy as disorder that I bring
universe is drained
so is my heart...

...this earth grew weary and dull
is it the renaissance ov my rigid existence?
is there a future for me beyond the stars?

I drink to desolation
I drink to your demise

monarch ov neglected kingdom
oh great despiser ov life

et credo in serpentem
misterium mysteriorum
in nomen eius Baphomet

hearken! my Ophities
consume the flesh and drink the blood

obtain communion with utmost disgrace
reject the benefits ov eucharist
disdain the lie!

let you senses sharpen
let your eyes see in the boundless dark
resist not radiant light

be like comets slashing thru the vast skies
be like ravening wolves
unchaining hearts

now drink to desolation
drink to god's demise

monarch ov neglected kingdom
oh great despiser ov life

o leo et o serpens
qui perditor perdes
sis valens nobiscum

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Writer(s): Adam Darski
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