The Spirit Moves Me lyrics

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BECK lyrics : "The Spirit Moves Me"

Walking' back to the burning' schoolhouse
And the kids drinking' in the park
Late at night and the spirit moves me

And I don't mind being' afraid
Old man with no clothes
Leaning' on my fence

Tell me where the money goes
And the food don't taste the same
I'm gettin' fast at being the last

You know I don't need to waste no time
You can call me once a week
Tell me where I been

Phony lady laying' flat on the road
And the helicopter going' by
And I'm down to the sound

Of a sky turned brown
And I'm loving' everything you say
I don't think it's funny

When you shave both of my arms
Lately I been spitting' out the things
That I didn't mean to say

But that's alright, now
You don't listen to me anyway

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