One Shot Deal lyrics

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BEANIE SIGEL lyrics : "One Shot Deal"

(feat. Redman)

[Beanie Sigel]

One shot deal, one shot one kill
Hit you with the one shot skill
Bullets lift you up like you poppin on the wheel

Feel I can't die when I'm poppin on the pill
So real that it feel, keep Cochran on my heels
Who rock the black and back out

Now the MAC back out, just bout to blackout
Got the ROC on my back, SP on my chain
Shooters on the block slinging P last name

Outta hot pink thangs like Camron Range
The cocaine cowboy at work
I put ya ^!$$%z in the dirt for one like Dirt

Concealed hammer won't jam or won't chirp
Catch you on my second merk
Fresh outta jail, ice grill gat to smirk

Bitches on the waste can't serve 'em
ROC without Jay won't work?
Shit like we ain't here

Actin like SP ain't here
How ya'll ^!$$%z can't see that clear? Clear?
Yeah, slow all the way down young scrapper

Pump ya brakes real fast, before ya crash
Crack ya head on the dash
I put ya body in a cast, keep my shotty on blast

Hard heads don't get the picture until they see the flash
You ain't ballin, you pump faking
Till you found in ya trunk naked

Four pound to ya crown like, "Where the paper?"
B. Sig, cold crook, I trap paper like notebook
When the hot water disappear like when coke cook

Then resurface, its Sig. Berk-owitz, (*##$ I'm sick
Leave that $$# like Dama
Sig. heat that $$# like sauna

Stretch ya body out like recliner
Stretch my middle finger to your honor
like, "Fuck the world", thats my persona, love drama

Drop a building like Osama, you ##&*%$
I know you wish you never met me like Carl Thomas
Try to forget me like all silence

Fuckin with a vet be, all problems
I'm not about the threats B, I'm all promise
Before "The Truth", position in the booth

As a young scrap, I was vicious as a youth
Kept a gat moving pigeons in the Coupe
You was strapped, then positioned on the stoop

Stay strapped, put my pistol on shoot
Mac take ya "Juice" like Bishop on the roof
I had ya pissing in ya trunk like a roof

Bullets hit ya chest like a blunt rolled loose
I'm that corn liquor ^!$$%, 100 proof
I bring the storm, all you ^!$$%z lace ya boots

Better yet, pull out ya strings, make a noose
Hang yaself, here's a deuce deuce, bang yaself like Cheddar Bob
I'm in the hood like S-T-tall cat-Crooked Letter-I

S-P-C-O, ^!$$% yes I


Yes I
[Beanie Sigel]
Matta fact

Yeah, Yeah
[Beanie Sigel]

Bring it back


Bring it back, me, Doc, America's blunted
Not from there, but I'm Philly Most Wanted
Drop and roll, when my biscuit boil

Talk is greasy, toungue with Crisco oil
Streets is mine, check my flow online
At ww.cuta^!$$

Bricks, two on the hip, reach for the sky
You and ya Burberry suit is buried alive
On top of the Empire, dare me to dive
[Weeeeeee] there I go, no parachute
Jackass like Knoxville, hot as Cancun

Chest hair is baboon, Redman rip the show
I be the raw in ya (*##$es nose
She be goin to the bathroom, sniffing blow
Like, "Oh Docta %#@!, my man a joke"
I know, I be strapped with a double 4-4

And a Slim Jim to open ya Cadillac door
In the Bricks you hear them guns
Any ^!$$% get X'ed out like Tic-Tac-Toe
Any (*##$ that know, Redman goin the distance

We ain't tryin to get $#[email protected] for instance
When you bust baby, gon light the insence
Pass me the rag, hop back in the Jag
I stole out the showroom with the pricetag
I wrote this rhyme off 25 blunt drags

Hear that sound (whoosh), leave a block hunchback
Killa House, understand prick
We ain't gon stop till we "RICH BITCH"
Holla back, Redman, Beanie Sigel
Killa House

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