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After The Rain lyrics

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BATTLEGROUNDS lyrics : "After The Rain"

Rain on me with your game,
Like a star clouded the sky,
I can't break my needs,
For my love

You're being lead around like sheep
I'll just keep them locked inside,
But sometimes work out fine

I'll never forget you,
Hear my scream, my pain
To be I had a way,
Soul broken down again

The Flower's Song is my pain
So Lonely feeling,
The light it just won't shoe,
This cloud could be the end
Get me out of this town,
Especially to you all
You all get me so bored,
Everything this world
Everything is gone

That will shine forever,
All I can ask myself is 'what for?'
Things that you can't see
In Me

All those people all the same question,
And to give a damn,
An old man turns to me to say,
Please save me

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