Night Song lyrics

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BARRY MANILOW lyrics : "Night Song"

The city is singin' its night song
A city of shadows and fading starlight

Mixed with bar light
The empty streets echo the right song

A melody I used to think was only for the
Night song

I hear you
Now as the night disappears
But this time

Your blues

Is music to my ears

The rumble of the train
The rustle of the wind
The rhythm of the footsteps

The blarin' of a horn
The murmur of a voice
The echo of a siren

Night song!

You used to find me cryin' in my beer

Now you remind me tomorrow she'll be here
She'll be here!
Oh, night song

You sing of a train from New Orleans
And deep in the music I hear her hummin'
Now she's coming home!

The city is singin' its night song

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