After The Rain lyrics

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Barbra Streisand lyrics : "After The Rain"

After we love, we bathe in a glow
Remembering what happened a moment ago
Like after the rain, when the wind breezes a sigh

While it's resting on pillows of sky
Deep in your arms, it's peaceful and warm
Together we lay in a calm that comes after a storm

In a moment or two, we can hear the stars coming through
I love the quiet right after the rain here with you
After the rain, the birds wanna fly

The trees all in green hang the leaves out to dry
Like puddles and pools, what your eyes let me see
Are their loving reflections of me

After a while, you touch me and then
I feel like a flower that longs for a shower again

And then lost in a kiss,
I could stay for hours like this
Though I don't know just what magic the raindrops contain

I know that everything's wonderful after the rain

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Writer(s): Lamont Herbert Dozier, Dominic Salole, Mckinley Terrell Jackson, James Reddick, Michel Jean Legrand
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