Window Blues lyrics

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BAND OF HORSES lyrics : "Window Blues"

Erase the facts
The %#@! was flyin' outta the window
I painted blue

I paint the whole room

When its time to get in trouble

We know just what to do

The screen door swayin'

Now baby gimme something to live for
I been a fool
I been a fool

No revelations in the water
No tears into the booze

In pains the floor
The worried people shaking the whole house

I i take it back
I take it all back

The regret thats got us sayin'
The hounds upon the tracks

And always in time
I'm never looking over my shoulder
I sing to you

I sing it to you

Keeping heads above the water and

Feet into the shoes

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Writer(s): Benjamin Bridwell, James Hampton, Creighton Barrett
Copyright: Birdsmell Brand Songs Music
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