The Poison lyrics

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BADMINISTRATOR lyrics : "The Poison"

You don't need to talk to god cause you can talk to me
I'm the operator of this game and if you disagree
You can just look into my eyes and in my stare you'll see

Your team is just the notches when I tally up my killing spree
It's such an awful feeling being across the lane from me
Hear the rattle, turn the other way and run wildly

Fill even the toughest champs around with anxiety
If Sam Jackson was on a plane with me he'd sit quietly
Got ratios like Monty python, their ridiculous

Can't be caught off guard, I'm too meticulous
Destruction imminent, I've weighed your chances, you should bail
You can trust my measurements cause I'm completely covered in scales

You're all fails, I'm a high roller
I strike more often than a 300 average bowler
Incredily deadly, my toxin destroys and

Your team sucks pretty hard, maybe they extract the poison

Another weak champ, I've beaten so many

Your kit's a joke, quit trying to pull my leg I don't have any
yes it's true, but I bought boots anyway
gold to burn, haven't lost a game in like twenty days

No escapes, hardly any CC but I still win
cause I discard attackers easier than I can shed my skin

My fangs come in twins, your chances looking thin
Share my curse with world this is just like original sin
There's no use trying to hide, Miasma on my side

I'm a snake in the grass and I won't be denied
Team's died a bunch but you know that none are mine
I'm deadlier than a busy signal on the suicide hotline

You send your tank in, I poison and I bite him
I might die but I'll come back with even more items
Noxious blast, twin fang, it's more than you can take

I come to battle deadlier and more often than solid snake
You really don't belong at all you're getting massacred
I got a forked tongue delivering these biting words

This game is almost over, looks like it's not long
Your team's angrier than commenters when I post a rock song

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