Rise of the Undead lyrics

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BADMINISTRATOR lyrics : "Rise of the Undead"

I'm beast from the rot, hot like an open flame
I burn green at the shop, actually the whole game

naturally I'm insane, crave brains, burn like I'm lit
with a match doused with liquified propane
pro in lane, blowin flames, every game we playin

putting hair on your chest like I'm rogaine
You're so tame, I can't explain, I'm so deranged
You can't harm a zombiefied guy forged in pain

No rain, blind man gets his melon scorched
Melt an ice warrior, cook a gutted boar
Team on my back, look while I up my score

Human torch, more fantastic than the other four
I'm loving gore, confligrate blaze a hater
check your corpse burning 28 days later

moneymaker making barbecue my favorite flavor
brain delivered straight to my lane nevermind a waiter
You'll be safer in your base 'til later in the game

you stay I plan to vaporize your face with pillared flame
My plays'll paralyze your mates, this what the thriller brings
Dance on the pile of ashe that use'd to be living thing

I'm winning lane, farm that you can't fathom
Fire arms dropping bombs like I split the atom
Try a gank, land a stun into pyroclasm

Hit the recall and I shop while your bodies spasm


The undead rise, some fled some died
Some enslaved, go numb inside
Green blaze a thousand miles wide

The dark horse rides
The Warden's chains echo in the night

It's the Night of the Living Dead, horse with a missing head
On a rampage get slayed by a thoroughbred

Beyond death, don't rest, the grave calls
Never relent, bring the pestilence, the living fall
Give my all, I run like a dark wind

Top the scoreboard, blue ribbon for this Hecarim
Your souls beckoning, hit the ult and wreck a kid
Who needs a map when every move leads to death and wins

I don't relent, sleepy hollow but you stay awake
The headless horseman ganking mid for Ichabod Swain
I trick the top lane, treat myself to more sustain

The Elder Lizard, charge a wizard and incinerate
Hail from the Shadow Isles land of dark fables
But I'm at home on the rift so my performance stable

A jungler scary with the deeps not a normal label
Farm your AD carry like a creep, Shadow of War is fatal
I'm rampaging through the game, here to carry it

Win every single match I play like Secretariat
A terror scaring ordinary champs the shadow's emissary
bury the unwary every single time I sprint

Attack of the Twisted Reaper, rip flesh then go deeper

Creeper on the rift, don't need a skin to get my flow featured
I grow stronger as you grow weaker, ripping souls from
meager opposition is my mission on patrol for feeders

Controlling creatures, hook sentence you to death
and crack a smile while you struggle just to take a breath
Snack on souls that I compile myself, I like'm fresh

My hunger grows with every kill, my task will never end
Bot lane foreman, chain warden dropping wards
supporting giving orders I don't follow cause I'm not the sort

I'm moving forwards absorb a power chord and box another corpse
Transport a soul with rituals I've known since before you were born
Now you've been warned, I'm darkness like the dead of night

My lantern green but that don't mean I fight for what is right
I got a thirst that burns a yearning, endless appetite
I trap and fight the plight applied to anyone who'd try and kite

I'm fear incarnate, erode your sanity
I know your fantasy is dying quick for that I'm not the man to see
I plan to be the guy who damns your team to an eternity with no trials

Take you back with me to the shadow isles

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