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Corporate Takeover (Mundo Tribute) lyrics

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BADMINISTRATOR lyrics : "Corporate Takeover (Mundo Tribute)"

Mundo never sign up for this
Mundo didn't think Mundo be a corporate drone as a kid
Mundo come from the skids, work hard to get out
went to college got a license and a doctorate
Mundo try to go legit
but urge to kill too strong always hit Mundo like a ton of bricks
Mundo patients die, Mundo unfit
Mundo lose everything when Mundo sued for malpractice
Mundo start from scratch
Mundo realize the corporate world the only place for a sociopath
Mundo get a job, perfect match
Mundo do all he can to get Mundo life on track
Mundo buy a phone with an I
Mundo wear a suit with a tie
Mundo have lunch with a guy Mundo don't like
So Mundo get a bigger office, a place to waste a way Mundo whole life
Mundo get depressed, Mundo so hopeless
Mundo hate his coworkers, hate his boss, Mundo so stressed
Mundo receive third request to put cover sheet
on his TPS reports, Mundo get no rest
Mundo feel bad all the time, Mundo run late
Mundo boss ask why not in by Nine
Mundo no excuse, Mundo get abused
Boss decide to make Mundo work on the weekend too
Mundo need his downtime
Mundo starts to take drugs, Mundo just want to feel alright
Mundo just get a little high, just this one time
quit later no problem, Mundo just fine
Mundo lose control, Mundo not whole
Mundo needs syringe to fill void in Mundo empty soul
Mundo boss ask Mundo where he go
Mundo take his phone and smash through boss' skull
Mundo kill everyone on Mundo whole floor
Mundo not going to take shit anymore
Mundo not corporate drone! Mundo corporate take over!
Whole company Mundo own!
Mundo in charge now!
Mundo big boss man! Mundo say what allowed!
Mundo take a break, join the league
Mundo story done, Mundo fatigued

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