Bang Bang (Miss Fortune Tribute) lyrics

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BADMINISTRATOR lyrics : "Bang Bang (Miss Fortune Tribute)"

I'm the big bad bounty hunting (*##$ from bilgewater
I kill, slaughter campaign to find the pirate that killed my mother

Make it rain lead from the sky, red in his eyes
It's bullet time, can't run the spread on it's wide
I'm Faye Valentine, don't need no Ein, Spike or Jet

Got shock at my side and leashed awe as my pet
I keep'em locked loaded and live, a fireball at 5'5"
Put shots to your head like a line drive

Bilgewater pride, professional at 16
Leon, colder than freon, you can be Natalie
Just follow me, I'm going in guns blazin

amazing, I'm shaming every lame play you're making
Displaying twin guns, double up, strut, shot you in the gut
no stuns, can't be outrun by a couple scrubs

I'm the one, Neo take a step behind the line
This bus goes straight to the morgue, I hit the bullet time

Nothing but powder monkeys, flunkies looking jumpy
I'mma chunk and dunk you break your lane apart like busting humpty dumpty

My aim is money, make a fortune turnin kids to orphans
hit the store to score supplies and cook you like a George Forman
I specialize in lane denial and getting wild

I got style, I take you out with just a smile
Feminine wiles and more guile than a street fighter
Just when you're you're winning throw a twist in like a screen writer

A pit viper strike ya hard and fast
And if you try to run pull out my guns and blast a cap into your $$#
My shots stack, impure with no cure

attack speed, damage increase get the kill secured
Provacateur, always shoot first like Han Solo
Smash the laning phase and roam like a mad hobo

I came to solo you, I dominate the solo queue
These boots were made for walking and it's time they walk all over you

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