The Quickening lyrics

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BAD RELIGION lyrics : "The Quickening"

The quickening is an ephemeral thing
That only happens in the dark
Like catching lightning in a jar

And the pain that it brings
Is just the promise of spring
It's madness on the way

Oh, what does it mean?

To come alive

To come alive
To come alive
(To come alive)

To come alive
To come alive
To come alive

The entering is soulful conjecturing
Oh, lost and by the wind grieved ghost

Come back to me again
Because the way that she bleeds
Is in the law that he reads

Confusing words and deeds
So what does it mean?


To pierce the vein of the sacred and profane

Poor science, in service of a faith
But who will bear the mark of Cain?


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Writer(s): Brett Gurewitz
Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Sick Muse Songs
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