BAD RELIGION lyrics : "The Devil In Stitches"

Hey angels fall down without warning
Cherry lipstick on their teeth and all dangerous curves
She had a bullet proof mind and big pawn shop eyes
And nothing you could say would get to her

So don't look homeward angel from that rumble seat
I can strum twice and make it all go away
We'll tap every last drop until that beating stops
And let the devil come join us dancing
Across the yellow sun

We'll run because the devil in stitches only has his fun
Performing for the chosen one, we can run

She was living on the edge of a knife
His head was filled with restless ghosts
It's so easy to love a bringer of destruction
She said darling I love you madly

Black tear stained cheeks behind her shattered window
Praying for a song to save her life
I had a paperback crime running straight down my spine
And let the devil come join us dancing

Across the yellow sun

We'll run while devil in stitches goes and has his fun
Performing for the chosen one we can run


Wild in the street like a formal procession (run)
Of love and deceit
I will carry you home like a bride from the wreckage
Here's your punch drunk cupid knocked clean out of his senses

guitar solo

I know he drove her out out to the brink
That's where they stood and looked down
Right then he made a decision
That's where they made a division
Declaring war on the weather

A reckless pact with forever
So come on and sing
Sing hallelujah
Right now

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Writer(s): Greg Graffin
Copyright: Polypterus Music
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