Not So Meant To Be lyrics

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BACKSEAT GOODBYE lyrics : "Not So Meant To Be"

don't die i'm coming for you
it's just a matter of time
don't walk closer it's not a good light

wrap your arms around your eyes and just sit tight
i'm a little weary
with the direction your stearing

maybe you should move over
let me take the wheel
common sense's not so common these days

and i myself am starting to feel
a bit less comfortable
not so sensable

more like a not so meant to be
cause that just makes more sense to me
cause i just can't relate

no i just can't relate
i'm having second thoughts
about the car i bought

it's not really that useful
and it never takes me anywhere
i'm always nervous

about the things that have no purpose
i'm so sick of all the people
tired of what they say and how they have to stare

i'm counting backwards
with hopes that i might ask her
about the time i caught her eye, how she felt and what it meant

to me
she'll say she saw the future
took a picture got a lecture

made a note, kept it close about
how we're not so meant to be
it's just not meant be

the way the world works
isn't so great
but of course has it's perks

the trees they're making faces
i'm naming people and places
but not the few left off the list

it's not too on key
but they caught the other side of me
with a routine like that

of course theyll remain nameless
until i say otherwise

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