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He Left Me lyrics

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BABY KAELY lyrics : "He Left Me"

Im a little girl stuck inside the studio
CJ brought me here
and i dont know where to go
He's the one that brought me here
and said this as my home

He left me here with just a notepad and a microphone
He said get in the zone But whats he talkin bout
He said im sleeping here and i should pull the couches out

But i am scared what if theres a fire
Im not a liar
Listen very closely im all alone
Luckily im smart enough to call you one the phone

Im getting up now and walking to the place
The place they call a booth
its a real dark room
i'm tellin you the truth
Don't know what else to do
Im hanging up and call someone back thats not you

You think that im a fool
And this is a prank call
But i am serious im not joking at all

He left me
He left me
He left me in the studio

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