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Cuz Baby I Love You lyrics

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Babiixjenii lyrics : "Cuz Baby I Love You"

Verse 1: Thinking back to the day we met,
that special feeling I can't forget.
Visons of your face invading my mind.
Never met someone like you, you're one of a kind.
The first time I laid my eyes on you,
the couple feel in between us two,
didn't seem much like I could feel your touch
as if you're right by my side (right by my side).

A secret lies in my heart, but I'm too shy to let it out,
when I get close to you, I never know what to do.
I can't help the way I feel, my feelings for you are so real.
I'm hoping you feel it too cuz baby I love you.

Verse 2: I remember the feeling you gave me,
I remember the smile that you showed me.
Made my heart skip a beat, boy you lift me off my feet,
I could hardly breathe, my air couldn't be free.
Cuz deep inside I was too shy to show
that I was ready to let my feelings go.
I held myself back, my body paralyzed.
You turned me to a nervous wreck, so I continued to hide.


[Verse 3:]
There are times when I ask myself why I
couldn't walk up to you to say a simple hi.
Cuz all I wanna hear are your voice and your words
to guide me through when I'm sad or when I'm hurt,
all I need is your comfort.
And late at night I find myself dreaming about you,
how would life be like or why can't it be true?
Oh baby you drive my mind crazy,
haven't been thinking straight lately.
Let me hear you say you need me the same way (Yeeah).
Baby I can't help it if I can't get you off my mind.
(oooh) But I know when I'm with you (when I'm with you).
I'll be loving you for all time (for all time).

Chrous: A secret lies in my heart (in my heart).
But I'm too shy to let it out (let it out).
When I get close to you I never know what to do.
I can't help the way I feel (way I feel).
My feelings for you are so real (are so real).
I'm hoping you feel it too (feel it too). Cuz baby I love you.

[Verse 4:]
Oooh I love you ooh cuz baby I love you,
I love you yeaahhh, I love you.

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