Thugged Out lyrics

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B.G. lyrics : "Thugged Out"

Wusup, ^!$$% off top (off top)
Man, B.G. be hustlin' ya heard me (Hustlin')

I be grindin' and $#[email protected] the Police (Grindin') ($#[email protected] 'em)
I don't give a $#[email protected] bout them

I'ma lil' ^!$$% that will down you

Let off fifty rounds at you and
If you fake I don't want to be no where around you
I'ma Head Buster, Tru Hustler, a real ^!$$% and

Believe I'd never get caught without my steel ^!$$%
You want beef with me, I'ma do ya somethin' wrong
I'ma empty seventeenth bullets straight off in yo dome

I'ma Hot Boy, recognize or get chastised
Disrespect my mind, if ya want, ya gone die
Cause it's like that, only way I know

How to play it, I'm all ready
Wanted by a triple murder by the Feds
So I'ma get me a brick, break it down to all O's

Sell 'em for six, to let my cliental roll
Buy four more ki's sell two, and sit on two
Cause I heard, through the wind, they got a draught comin' through

I'ma hit me a lick off in that UPT
Tax them ^!$$%'s I want thirty a ki

[Chorus x2]
^!$$% I'm thugged out
You wanna find me, I'm hustlin'

In the drug house, If I don't know ya
I ain't gonna give no love ^!$$%
Everybody I serve, I serve holdin' a gun ^!$$%

Click, ready to bust ^!$$%, click I'm thugged out


All I know how to do is thug , hustle, and kill a ^!$$%
If I gotta, if I don't know ya, don't trust ya
%#@!'s in me to be a rider,

Assault Riffles I got 'em
Stacked up in the closet
If ya out of line I'ma stop ya

Ch-Ch-Ch Chop Ya!
You know me, I'm off the block,
On my side keep a Glock,

Find me in a corner house, runnin' a Quarter Shop
Police got my picture, on they dash try'na catch me
But $#[email protected], they can kiss my $$#, I'm bout Feddi

Thugin' is all I remember that I've been doin'
Every since I came out the womb, I've been booin'
Runnin' with straight killers, guerillas, and real ^!$$%s

It's kill or be killed with me, you know the deal ^!$$%
My price stay right, that's why my shop stay hot
Whatever ya spend, ya gonna double it off top

Ain't nothin' in this World, you bout I ain't bout
B.G. is gonna be forever thugged out

[Chorus x2]


Told you before, I'm bout trigger play
So you can come my way,
If ya want, get a clip, emptied in yo face

I'ma donkey ^!$$%, you don't want me ^!$$%
To tie you up, and throw you off, in my trunk-e ^!$$%
Call yo wootay's let 'em know I'ma keep ya ^!$$%

To they cough up sixty gee's my ^!$$%
That's how it go, cause if the shoes
Was on the other feet, ^!$$% wouldn't hesitate

To snatch me, and call B, so $#[email protected] that
I gotta Get It How I Live and
In this bloody streets, that I live on it's real

So I gotta play it raw, cause only the strong survive
So it's a must I sell them first, and grab them thing's and ride
If I don't, ^!$$% gonna jump in they %#@! and smash out

Try'na catch me slippin' and leave Geezy $$# out
But it ain't gone happen cause believe I know how to think
I'ma shoot a whole in yo boat first, before mine sank

[Chorus x2]

Click, click, ^!$$% like me be thugged out
Ya heard me, hustlin' , grindin' , try'na get mine
All these #[email protected] $$# ^!$$%s Baller Blockin'

Ch-Ch Check Mate, lay down partner
Ya heard me, I'ma put ya six feet off tiggedy
^!$$%, Ca$h Money ^!$$% for life, you know who I am
Ya heard me, you know Hot Boy$ my fam
Off tops, Big Tymer$ ^!$$% uhh

Thuged Out, hustlin, goin' to that corner house
Right up the street ya heard me, quarters, dope, weed
Whatever ya need, see B.G.

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Writer(s): Amefika Williams, Howse, Bell
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