Round My Way lyrics

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B.G. lyrics : "Round My Way"

UPT baby, this how we do around my way
^!$$%s struggle, they struggle and they hustle

But you cant knock the hustle, feel this

^!$$%, I be comin wit dat drama that you cant even duck

Buck, buck, off the top, ^!$$% you cant even duck
Baby Gangsta, heart stopper, car stopper
I tote this chopper, I'm quick to stop ya

You heard that I'll drop ya
I'm runnin wit some killas, we'll break it on down
Yo click think they an organization, we'll take it on down

Uptown in '97, it's the place to be
They packin M-11's ^!$$% and 223
Erase faces all day, AKs get sprayed

That's how it be goin down around my way
V.L., UPT, The ward? 13th
I represent no matter what, respect or check me

Let me live through round 1, and it's all on you
I retaliate, you think the statue of liberty fall on you
Valence snort so much 'til they nose get sore

It's time to graduate, bags aint doin the job no mo'
Now a needle and some dope, tap dat green vein
Smoke blunts sometime, it's all about that bank

My heart don't pump lemonade, it pump battery juice
Make me pump the trigga finga up when I'm after you
Now I strap a big dick by the Girbaud sign

You heard I'm $#[email protected] yo (*##$, so you grabbin yo 9
Movin up like you got it on yo mind
Flexin up for that #[email protected], you must don't mind dyin

I leave ya folks cryin, you wont take out the policy
It's 50 G, it's accidental so it increase to hundred G
And when it come, proper

I'm louder, popper
Around my way

^!$$%, you must be real in the UPT
You would wanna be packin that steel in the UPT

I know you heard that them youngstas creep in the UPT
^!$$%s be leavin them white sheets in the UPT

My block is hot wit killas, ATF be hittin
^!$$%s slangin and snortin, if we spittin we splittin

I put G's on the map, leave brains in laps
I hit da stage with drama, startin ^!$$%s to scrap
See my hood straight thugged out

You in my hood slippin, ^!$$% you get drugged out
Ya body layin there, but ya spirit is shoved out
On V.L., it's hell when the coke drought, you $$#ed out

When you hear my name, ^!$$%, you hear my street, ^!$$%
When you hear my street, ^!$$%, you think six feet deep
You think six feet deep 'cause you know I kill

You spot me comin up the block, I'm in black wit a sparkle grill
You see, we tote macks, Glocks, and choppers
Playin wit them hoes, ^!$$% slip we got ya

Rest in Peace, Hooley Hoo, 13 'til death
Thug 'til he die, now my ^!$$% at rest
Runnin ounces by the half, birds by the half

Whatever you want we have, chumps we got it on the half
My people Big Stan, Uptown open shop
Funky Fades and Trimmings, 10 dollars a whop

If you real you make it, fake yo $$# get shookin
Fo' you can look, you hit (*##$, yo life get tookin
If you think, stay put, or feel the fire from the K

If you aint from Uptown, stay from round my way


^!$$%, you must be real in the UPT
You would wanna be packin that steel in the UPT
I know you heard that them youngstas creep in the UPT

^!$$%s be leavin them white sheets in the UPT


Around my way ^!$$% hustle, from crooked cops we fled
^!$$%s struggle to support they habit, gotta keep that monkey fed
Catchin cases every week, misdemeanors and felonies
Playin hatin is a disease, gotta beware of jealousy
If you ball then you hated on

If you do bad dats what (*##$ ^!$$%s done waited on
Caveman, dats my ^!$$% (*##$
Mook brother Pete we on Valence 'cause we all in the click
Man Pookie took a fall, this ho tryin to rott ya
^!$$% I got ya, just stay click tight wit all the partnas

I'ma watch ya, Hooley Hoo ^!$$% did 'em foul
I had to watch 'em get pulled out from under a $#[email protected] house
He didn't diserve it
Joe Casey is an old G
I take his advice, he one of the old G's on Valence street

Funk and Clarence upstate, but hey gon' touch down
Soon as ya thinkin, think hustlin down uptown
Ya think we aint, Lil Baby just hit the street
>From that 13th, took a lil cake, now the ^!$$% see what I see
He down wit me

My ^!$$% Pete just got 2 years, he gon' survive
But Lil Popeye lookin at 5, that aint shy
^!$$% gon' bring noise like a drummer
Everybody gettin outta jail, it's gon' be a hot summer
Better dare yo thinkin and be ready to spray
If not...

You gon' get bucked down ^!$$%, around my way

Aww, man
I just got one more verse

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