Play'n and Laugh'n lyrics

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B.G. lyrics : "Play'n and Laugh'n"

I try to maintain keep my head straight
But my surroundin' ^!$$%s want half weight

So what the $#[email protected] all I see iz ^!$$%s heads peeled
I ain't got to many postive relatives people
Try to tell me right from wrong but man I think

I'm grown I ain't resepctin no ^!$$% cuz my daddy gone
I'm on my own so let me be the B.G. I'm gonna be
Its an possiabilty I might see a key off Valence

Street all I want is green in my hand I ain't gonna
Say nothin' because %#@! doesn't always go as planned
I'm gonna do what I do wit my hustlin cuz I know

Somewhere out here they got a mill I'm gonna get it
I ain't waitin on the (*##$ to come to me
If that's the case I be waitin til eternity

I'ma struggle and strive drink some wine
Doin bad thas fine I got my hand on my nine
You bests believe I'm goin to get mine

You can take this to the bank ^!$$% I'm gonna die tryin

[Chorus: B.G.]

Playa can't be played
Playa ^!$$%s sittin around waitin on %#@! to happen

but if ya want somethin do what ya got to do, Gee out chea
and make yo %#@! come through playa

I gots to get mine I'm out for me
Nobody worryin' bout dis little B.G.

I'm gonna get my hustle on I'm in it to win it
I ain't my own Man sittin' round dependin'
I'm The next ^!$$% to take care of me

Thas weak I wouldn't be showin' responsibility
I'm gonna handle my own weight wit my own skills
Make my own mill backed up by The next ^!$$% grill

Build me an hand hand I'm gonna play it right
To choices to rock the mic on my all night flight
One way or another success is in my future

If Ya talk stupid playa hatin' Im a mute ya
I'm gonna struggle till I make it sustle till I make it
I know I'm gonna make it because I'm Tru to the game

No fakin' ^!$$%s wonderin why they Can't stop dis B.G.
Standin 5'11 weighin 153 from the streets goin full speed
To the stars ^!$$% layin down raw smokin big phat cigars

^!$$% I got my hands on my nine I told ya
Take this to the bank ^!$$% I'm gonna die tryin



^!$$% I'm all bout da paper been a hustler for life
Always lay down and get mine even if I got to hang all night
It's like they got to wait for you, they got to wait for me

If I got to bust in disgust I'm gonna provide for the B.G.
I got this million dollar talent and it's all in my mind
I'm gonna work it overtime, I gots to get mine

I hit the block wit real ^!$$%s, block @@#! wit real ^!$$%s
Goin' to the top wit real ^!$$%s you get chopped from real ^!$$%s
I got skills for double platium I'm an habbit like dat

I pack my gat wit nine put my mac for nine ^!$$%s flat on dey back
Sellin crack for nine I'm tryin to make somethin
Shake get a big break I ain't fake

I got two choices rap or slang yay
It's cool because i'm a real ^!$$% all about da mail
Get the scale weigh the yay got eleven for sale

Belive I don't mind dyin' make a million
I'm tryin stuck in the hood ^!$$% out to get mine


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