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B.G. lyrics : "My Life"

[B.G. Talking]

[Verse 1]

I was born 1980 September 3rd
thats the day checks come out and vics gets served
so you know I got the blood of a hustla in my vain

my daddy had 3 brother that all gave me some game
they was raised in the projects I was born in the hood
I was raised on the block my mom did what she could

always got what I need sometimes I got a lil mo
but I grew up watching g's on the set gettin dough
I made b's n c's up in to 5th grade

it went to d's n f's cuz I didnt want to behave
I was the class clown Christopher raise hair
I show my dick to them hoes and I get expelled

yeah I get punished I was supposed to be inside
I snuck out the back round the school fo lunch time
the police spotted me id break out and run

make em run behind me that was my way of having fun
somewhere in 87 might of been 88
I knew of Baby and Slim we was from round the same way

they moved a lot of weight but I aint gone tell it all *shhh*
I?m a cut this boy short cuz my moms was involved

[B.G. Talking]

[Verse 2]

You can put it together it was what it wasnt
nah cakes to be baked but she had cakes in the owen
she told me if I touch it that id $#[email protected] it up

if I knew what I know now i would of took it n cut it up
92 roll round thats when it got real
my daddy got set up kidnapped robbed and killed

Cash Money Records was started that same year
thats when my thuggin started I was gettin it how I live
my moma needed help I was outta control

the streets took me under I was on a dead end row
the hood barber stand knew Baby and hit him up
told him I had skills he needed to peep me up

he did that snatch me him Slim and Fresh was feelin me
took me to studio from that we made history

[B.G. Talking]

[Verse 3]

In the mid east of that I was doin my thang
and I met this four foot hustla they called him Lil Wayne
that was my lil ^!$$% called my lil brotha

Baby drew a cross between us but I still love him
Universal up to deal we went to get mills
thats when ^!$$% decided to not keep it real

I had a idea I didnt want to believe it
I wouldnt thought of it in a million years he'll do that to Geezy
I had a dope habbit and markie was on my back

so he turned his back but look how I shookback
you know how it go you get up when you fall
the streets all over they rooted for the underdog

I got Kizzle I got Snipe I got Gar on my team
and I got click of ^!$$%s ready for war on my team
from Detroit to Atlanta Texas and Nashville

play if you want and you see how the gat feel
that was all in my past L.T. dog I miss ya
its Uptown 4 life Chopper City Records the official

[B.G. Talking]

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