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B.G. lyrics : "Hottest of the Hot"

[B.G. - talking]
Uh huh, look, this for my dawg, Gigitty-gangsta
Ya heard me, original hot boy, sterling, mosquito, duran

Rest in Peace


Now if ya know me then you know I'm bout that shoot em up and
Bang Bang, got ya white tee full of red stains
From the blood, that's leakin from your forehead

When I'm at war, raw is the only way I play it
You think you was on NBA Jam, you hear that choppa
Go Blakka-ga-blakka, Boom-shakka-laka-laka

It get know - hotter than Geezy, I swear to that
Trust me, I bust ya up wherever I catch ya at
It could be night, It could be daylight

I'ma show ya what the - AK like
Them bullets burn, they don't come straight they flip, they twist, they turn
Now is ya ready for it

Then I'ma bring it to ya, if you insist playa
I'ma discharge all fifty out the clip playa
That's how I roll dawg, better get ready

That's how I roll dawg, ya better...

[Chorus: x2]

Man, I'm the hottest of the hot, I be burnin up
And I'm ready to set it off, so turn it up
Let's get drunk dawg, let's get buck dawg

Where ya sets at, put em up dawg


If ya down wit me, come on and let's get loose
Anything goes, hair down, do whatcha do
I ain't seen a girl shake like a hot girl shake

From Detroit, Texas, to Orleans, to M-I-A
Alabama, Cash-ville or Atlanta, GA
They damn the do, I mean they do the damn thang

Down South raw, can't forget rough and rugged
We be clubbin, thuggin, hustlin, and head bustin
Teeth platinum or gold, everyday dress code

T-shirt, Reeboks, bandanas, and Girbauds
It'll be uncivilized, don't stick to the G-Code
Under twenty, ya ride natural, I'm on twenty-fours

2003 black Hummer, H2O
450's, DVD, XBox TV's
Mouths drop, I come through, heads turn, eyes buck

Like whoa, who that is, he burnin up


Ashanti - hot, too too hot

Beyonce' - hot, too too hot
Alicia Keys - hot, ooo that girl hot
Foxy, Cameron E., man them girls hot

Man that girl from the sunshine state, she hot
I wanna see Trina just drop it like it's hot
Charlie Baltimore - hot, that girl so hot

And hottie yellow thing with Rocafella, ooo she hot
Give props when it's due, man Abrea, she hot
God bless the dead, Aaliyah, and Left-eye hot

Kelly that sweet, petite thing, she so hot
Chilli and T-Boz, man them girls hot
That girl Vita, thugged out, straight off the block

I like em like that, man that girl she hot
That girl on 106th & Park, ooo she hot
Cita girl, it's yo world, you're just too hot


[B.G. - Outro]
Man I'm a hot boy, Original, original
Man I'm a hot boy, Original hot boy

Is you a hot boy, cause I'm a hot boy
Kizzle's a hot boy, Is you a hot boy
Gar a hot boy, Is you a hot boy

Snipe a hot boy, Is you a hot boy
Kid a hot boy, Is you a hot boy
Red a hot boy, Is you a hot boy
Chopper City hot boys, We some hot boys
Wide Open hot boys, We some hot boys

Is you a hot boy, I wanna hot girl
Cause I'ma hot boy, I need a hot girl
Is you a hot girl, cause I'm a hot boy
Hot hot boy, number 1 hot boy
Gizzle - ha, ha, ha hot boy

Uh, hot boy, it's the return of the hot boy
It's the return of the original hot boy
hot boy, I'm a hot boy
H-O-T, B-O-Y, Uh

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