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Together We'Ll Be Fine lyrics

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B WITCHED lyrics : "Together We'Ll Be Fine"

Starin' at the walls
Sittin' on this bed
Waiting for the phone to ring
To see what lies ahead

Memories on the table
Clothes thrown on the floor
Trace of what was gonna be
Is not there anymore

But we'll get through this somehow
'Cause we've got each other now

Ohh, times change
Together we'll be fine
You and me, yeah
It's not easy all the time
You knew it would come to this
Hard, it's oh so hard
You and me, yeah
Together we'll be fine

Voices in our heads
Silence in the room
Conversations that we had
Words we wanna say
Life is rolling by
As we understand
Smiles are coming back again
The power's in our hands



'Cause we've got each other now


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Writer(s): Martin Sean Brannigan
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