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Ayano's Theory of Happiness lyrics

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AYANO NO KOUFUKU RIRION lyrics : "Ayano's Theory of Happiness"

Happiness theory of Ayano
Ayano no Koufuku Riron (Ayano's Happiness Theory)

It also had been reminded, that the family
"What everyone, Nice to meet you Ayano because it is my sister"
I was remembering about my family again
"Ayano, you're the big sister, so take care of them"

In a small house red brick wall
The strategy like a secret so whispering
The bright red eyes of three people who were brought to
There is past was hiding adult
In the tiny house of red bricks
Whisper to each other like a secret operation
The three red eyes that were taken here
Have pasts that they hid from adults

"I because monster" with a fearful look
What "I'm not such a thing," to tell me
"Bright red color because it is the color of the main character, even if you are not scared, I'm good"
With a scared face, "I'm a monster"
I tell, "No you're not"
"Red is the color of the main character, so you don't have to be scared"

The Bukkake sister today and worrying thing interesting
"Been watching you know"
I was wearing red scarf wound
"Secret organization like!"
Thinking about fun things, and act like a big sister again
"Hey, watch this!"
Wrapped on a red scarf
"Looks like a Secret Organization!"

Madder red, dyed, Be the first to start
It's a small but "pretend Hero"
"You say if you also laugh, even a little"
Let s stay in the family today
Dark red, lets dye it, and start
A little "pretending hero"
"If you can smile just a bit more again"
Let's stay family today too

Let us hope the "happiness", the future ahead
No matter how sad
"This' s secret"
The sun sank and fun
Let's wish for "Happiness", no matter how sad future is
"This is a secret, all right?"
It was so fun, and the sun set

World became a spring breeze tour adult
To like someone conspiracy to bend to unreasonable
Tears of loved ones disappeared and puffy
Nobody without notice, I will be black
The spring wind blows, and the world became an adult
Bends unreasonably, like somebody's plot
The tears of a loved one that swelled and disappeared
No one can realize it, and turns black

Had started crazy
Another If you notice
You can not say to anyone
The "I hate, I hate. You break it"
World ending of happiness will come
It was getting mad
When I realized it, I couldn't tell anyone
"No, no, I don't want it to break"
The world that happiness ends is coming

"Madder red, please. More.
Without breaking the future of someone "
It also crying, thinking
While hidden smile
"Dark red, please, no more
Don't break someone's future "
Crying, I think again
Hiding behind a smile

Red-eye color, if it's me
Can you able to save the future of someone
The pathetic and clumsy
It is a strategy alone.
Eyes dark red, if that's me
Then maybe I can save someone's future
Clumsy and miserable
A operation all alone

secret organization of that day I disappeared
Do not you have clase laughing properly
Surely, I wonder would have been angry
But I, I wonder if accustomed to the "big sister" properly
The Secret Organization of that day I disappeared
Are they living, and smiling?
I'll probably get scolded
But was I able to be a "big sister"?

Let's remember
Words it was like that
What is somewhat strange happiness
About tomorrow, get used to love
Let's remember
That word I loved
Happiness is strange
You can love tomorrow

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