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Diced Pineapples lyrics

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ASH KARDASH lyrics : "Diced Pineapples"

You see' something bout this dude got me trippin'
Cause I'm willing to give
Up all that I've got
All to to have what I been missin

And I'm like
Is you crazy?
Goes the concscience in my mind
Cause this
The same old thing
That happened to you last time
Remember how you gave him yo' heart?
And in the end that nigga stepped on

And than you gave him all your love
And in the end that nigga
Pissed on it
And you were hurt
And in so much pain
You should've listened when they told you
These niggas all the same

But I see something different in you
Something that makes me think
Like, definitely, perhaps?
Your nothing like these other guys
So I stay
And yeah, maybe that makes me dumb
But those who've never loved will never know where I'm coming from

And boy, you put me through alot
And should I be with you?

Prolly not
Because every day
Its the same shit
We going back and forth
About a different bitch
And than I'm mad and crying and asking
You why you lying
And you tell me to stop crying' cause you
Ain't doing shit
You tellin' me to grow up
Cause all these bitches is mad
And all they doin' is hating
And they can't prove it

So than I'm thinking to myself
Like, you know what?
Maybe this nigga didn't
And then I come to my senses and I'm like
Hell nawh
I know this nigga did it
So I get mad and send you a text I don't mean at all
And your reply to me,
Is no reply at all
So then I'm sitting here like
Ain't this about a bitch?
Cause I hate it when you do that shit
In my wayne voice

And I know this is a double MG song
But on any beat
I can get my Wayne on

And I'm just thinking from the heart
Though I would keep this cover simple
But before I sing the hook,
Shoutout to - beats for the instrumental

And I'm like
I guess I'm in my feelings right now
I guess I'm in my feelings right now

I guess I'm in my

I guess I'm in my feelings right now
I guess I'm in my feelings right now

Because I'm writing songs bout' you
You got me writing soings bout' you [x4]

I guess I'm in my feelings

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