Come On lyrics

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APRIL SKY (SWE) lyrics : "Come On"

Time was out in the heat of the night
I needed someone to hold
All alone I just went down the street
It didn't feel alright
Still I am sad cause my broken dreams
I can't take no more
Searching for love I just can't find my way
I need you more and more

Come on, Come on I want to give you all my love
Come on, Come on I'll never ever give you up

I tried so hard to act like a man
To give you all I have
But in her my love was invane
I'll try again and again

Now I Know what it's like to be left all alone
Every day and every night

Days so long and nothing has changed
I keep on walking that road
If love was a gift from heaven above
I'd never feel this way
Now listen babe I got something to say
You can always count on me
You know what I got, You know what I want
So don't just walk away

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