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No More Dead lyrics

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ANTI lyrics : "No More Dead"

why don't you come over here and see what you have created
make you laugh so hard you'll cry and lookin' into the
black you
made me so far past sick lookin' into your eyes I wish
you'd die.

No more dead [x2]

well I've seen the crosses
burnt and holy and the people they all come down they're
screaming, "hey man, It's a fix!" and I looked into
the cause in which, you were striving towards; and I thought,
thought of the wasted, wasted youth...

No more dead [x2]

He's lying all alone. his life is stolen, yes It's
gone into the
black of night can't you see It was no fault of his own
into a ghetto, bred into a slum, killing his own instead of
white men and he's never gonna escape from It now, because
over, and he's dead the end.

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