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Hate you lyrics

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ANTóNIO MãO DE FERRO lyrics : "Hate you"

I´m gonna hate you
When you try to run away
I wanna hate you
When the day breaks down on my back
You know everything
But i got you right on my bed
I´m getting so tired
But your life it's turning mine to trash

Ohhh... my life is going to get better
I tell you, i don´t have time for you

I wanna hate you
Tell everybody what you are
Don´t be afraid
The people think that you're mad
When the day runs out goal to this game was never
Turn around baby, i got so many deals for you...

Please don´t be my shame
I´ve just one word for you
Don´t you cry, look at me
I´m gonna pick up your trash, leave me

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