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ANNIE LENNOX lyrics : "lost"

this is the sound of the planes in the night coming out of the darkness and into the light shining along in the curiously bright this is the sound of those murderous drums watching the footsteps the twisting of thumbs over and over again he recalls we're lost
we're lost
we're lost
tell me the story 'bout when u were young
i want to hear it again

even the parts where the hero gets stung i want to savour it i want to play it again
this is the sound of a baby's first breaths the dying footsteps the touching of flesh to hold in your memory to keep by your chest
we're lost
we're lost
we're lost

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Writer(s): Jann Arden Richards, Simon Gallup, Jean-Yves Pierre Lozac'H., Robert James Smith, Annie Lennox, Jack Christopher Allsopp, Jason Toop Cooper, Olivier Nicolas Eric Marguerit, Roger O'donnell, Jonathan Morali, Perry Bamonte, Clement Carle, Remi Andre Jean Alexandre
Copyright: La Lennoxa Music Co. Ltd., Rockumentary Publishing, Because Ed., Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Girl On The Moon Music, Fiction Songs Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Canada
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