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Mama lyrics

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ANNIE LENNOX lyrics : "Mama"

I was watching the woman that was walking down my street
Walking with grace, so beautifully, carefully
She's a big and pretty mother, big and pretty mother
Swinging her hand-bag back and forth so joyfully
She's drawing circles with her breasts in her jumper

Give me a big mother
Huge and loving one
I can crawl upon
And cling to

She's a large woman...
Warm and cuddly...
Wet lady...
Strong mother...

She's walking down the street in front of my window
Whistling funky tunes in the ears of my neighbours

Give me a big mother
One that will always want me
Hot, embracing mother
I can crawl upon
And cling to

Can't be safer, can't be more secure
Than with a breast in each palm
Than with a breast in each palm
That is the way that I was born
And that is the way that I want to die

Give me a big mother
Yes, a soft and wet one
That would caress me
In all those special places
Where's a strong mother
One that squeezes me
One that I can crawl upon

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Writer(s): Lasana Smith, Richard Frederick Stannard, Jared Hartmann, Zachary Riley Cockrell, James Culpepper, Sameer Bhattacharya, Matt Rowe, Salvatore P. Erna, Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew, Kirkpatrick Seals, Heath Allen Fogg, Rob Merrill, Adam Duggins, Joseph Presler, Bragi Olafsson, James Shannon Larkin, Thor Jonsson, Brittany Amber Howard, Jonathan Shinhoster, Steven William Johnson, Tony Rombola, Sigtryggur Baldursson, Lacey Nicole Sturm, Einar Benediktsson
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