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ANNIE LENNOX lyrics : "Gift"

Darling don't you understand
I feel so ill at ease
The room is full of silence and it's getting hard to breathe
Take this guilted cage of pain and set me free
Take this overcoat of shame
It never did belong to me
It never did belong to me

I need to go outside
I need to leave the smoke
'cause I can't go on living in this same sick joke
It seems our lives have taken on a different kind of twist
Now that you have given me the perfect gift
You have given me the gift

For we have fallen from our shelves
To face the truth about ourselves
And we have tumbled from our trees
Tumbled from our trees

And I can almost...
I can almost feel the rain falling
Don't you know it feels so good
So let's go out into the rain again
Just like we said we always would

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Writer(s): Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Paul John Weller, Paul Gerard Buchanan, Thomas Delonge, John Davies Cale, Paul Joseph Moore, Robert Bell
Copyright: John Cale Music Inc., Paul Joseph Moore Pub Designee, Flag 22 Publishing, Universal Music Corp., La Lennoxa Music Co. Ltd., Buchanan Music, Stylist Music Ltd., WB Music Corp.
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