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Mia Nihta To Poli lyrics

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ANNA VISSI lyrics : "Mia Nihta To Poli"

By threatening to finished
The same make and then every time you change
Regret think again, a little more calmly
And scary because you know that a night at most
We can handle both the one without the other
You know that one night than we both
Do we live separately
Do we live separately

One night, at most, a night at most
One night a lot and this separation will keep
One night, at most, will hate me crazy again and then would ask for a night at most, a night at most

Not talking and disappears with a suitcase hints
How to drown all not breathe
And that takes a little of your time away from me
And you will get out shot will look again to find
The meaning of life to your old
Sometimes it will be looking for your teens the hidden treasures
But everything will break down your plans
I will always go off your plans

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