Angela Bofill lyrics : "This Time I'll Be Sweeter"

Darling can't you see
what losing you has done to me
I'm not the same girl I used to be
have a change of heart
don't leave me standing in the dark
don't let confusion keep us apart
come back to me and I'll guarantee
all the tenderness and love you'll ever need

This time I'll be sweeter
our love will run deeper
I won't mess around
I won't let you let down
have faith in me
have faith in me

since you've been away
I haven't seen the light of day
I'm lost without you can't find my way
so won't you please be fair
and let me show how much I care
say you'll be mine and answer my prayer
come back to me
and I promise I'll be
everything's that bright
and new your whole life through
[Chorus 2x]

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