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What It's Like lyrics

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ANDAIN lyrics : "What It's Like"

Do you know what it's like
When your world seems to change overnight
And it feels like the earth could break
Tell me do you know what it takes

Stop my heart
Don't let it break
Is it true that you did what you said
And it's hard for me to see you so far
And it's hard for me to see you for what you are

Hold my breath, hold me down
Take the hand of god and lead me to drown
And it's fine to say that it's not real
Well maybe I won't run or I won't feel

Heaven won't ever forgive
Making it hurt when you see
My every day my every night
I hide I hide I say why

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Writer(s): Mavie Marcos, Dave Dresden, Josh Damon Gabriel, David Penner, Josh Gabriel
Copyright: Nettwerk Songs Publishing Ltd., Cloud 9 Holland Music Publishing
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