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ΤΑΤΟΥΑΖ lyrics

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The night thousands of lights turned on
the sight like a knife lightened
for us a fairy tale got alive
and winds turning around

Watch. princes, castles, wizards and dragons white horses
watch. one lihnari makes the wishes real
I have only one wish
to love me once and forever
only you

I will dance in your fire
and I am not afraid if I get burned
I will dance inside your kisses
and I will steal your "I love you"
I will engrave another route
that will take me whenever you are going
I will engrave a dragon for lucky charm
and your name in a tattoo

I only have one wish
that I want to be real
to love me once and forever, you, only you

Watch beautiful roads, sand, castles, unreachable worlds
watch turn the time back to make our wishes real

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Thanks to maria.01215