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The Day We Met / Youm Mat'belna lyrics

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AMR DIAB lyrics : "The Day We Met / Youm Mat'belna"

The Day We Met...
A Day That I Will Never Forget
The Most Beautiful Love Story Was Written For Me That Day

The First Beautiful Feelings That My Heart Felt
And My Eagerness For A New Meeting After That

I Promise You,
From This Night On, I Will Stay With You
And I Will Do What Makes You Feel Good
And I Will Worry About You

I Promise You, My Love,
My Most Beautiful Angel
If You Wanted A Star In The Sky,
I Will Bring It To You

You Said The Words "I Love You" With Your Eyes
And The Pleasure Of Whom Was Waiting To Hear It

I Actually Remember How We Met And Where
And Our First Word And I Shaking Your Hand

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