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America lyrics : "House Of Cards (The Parsons Mix)"

There was a time I walked the earth
As if I knew my way
It seems the more I got around

The less I had to say

I built a world of tumbling dice

Upon a field of sand
And now the more I try to give
The more that you demand

So we wait, then discard, house of cards

I took a pane of broken glass

And made a diamond ring
For every single blade of grass
Mm, of thee I sing

Why we wait, hesitate, I don't know

Don't tell me 'bout your world coming apart

Should have known about you girl, right from the start
So we wait, to discard, house of cards

I'm walking down a lonely road
To the edge of town
If you try and change my mind

I won't turn around
Tell me why I should try once again
House of cards

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