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ALANIS MORISSETTE lyrics : "Plastic"

You got a plastic name and a plastic heart
You can play the game or you'll never start
I'm talkin' to you

You got a plastic house and a plastic fence
Gotta look around or you'll lose your friends
Am I gettin' through?

You got a plastic girl in a plastic bed
And she's in your house made of gingerbread

And you're in there too
Got a plastic smile on a plastic face
But it's underneath that you can't erase

But what can you do-do-do?


Say Love-it's not that hard after all
(tell me what I want, what I wanna hear)
When everybody does

Say Love-it's gonna tear down the walls
(tell me what I want, what I wanna hear)
if everybody loves

You live in a plastic dream through a plastic card
But reality you don't disregard

You know that it's true
You got a plastic goal in a plastic life
Gotta search your soul gotta make it right

And here's what you do-do-do


Wake up in the morin'
Some are not sleepin' tight

A matter you've been ignorin'
Why can't you just say it?
Will not wait forever

Can't you see I'm right
I want you to endeavor
To tell me again and again!


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Writer(s): Serge Emile Cote, Alanis Morissette, Leslie David Howe
Copyright: Vanhurst Place Music, Fish Or Fudge Songs, MCA Music Publishing A.D.O. Universal S, Music Corp. Of America Inc.
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