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Be The One lyrics

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AL DENSON lyrics : "Be The One"

In a world full of broken dreams
Where the truth is hard to find
For every promise that is kept
There are many left behind
Though it seems that nobody cares
It still matters what you do
Cause there's a difference you can make
But the choice is up to you

Will you be the one
To answer to His call
Will you stand
When those around you fall
To take His light
Into a darkened world
Tell me will you be the one

Oh sometimes it's so hard to know
Who is right and what is wrong
And where are you suppose to stand
When the battle lines are drawn
There's a voice that is calling out
For someone whose not afraid
To be a beakon in the night
To a world that's lost it's way


There are still some battles
That I must fight from day to day
Yet the Lord provides the power
For me to stand and say

Yes, I'll be the one
To answer to His call
I will stand
When those around me fall
I will be the one
To take His light
Into a darkened world
I will be the one

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Writer(s): Albert Wray Denson, David Allen Clark, Donald A. Koch
Copyright: New Spring Publishing Inc.
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