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Crescendo lyrics

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AKDONG MUSICIAN lyrics : "Crescendo"

So that everyone can recognize me
So that they can understand me Crescendo

Crescendo, one, two
My voice is getting buried, my breathing is getting louder
My words that no on is listening to is rising in Crescendo

Make my voice louder, high ? recognize me, hi
Catch my voice, catch it tightly, oh hey

Pry open and enter the crack
The pain that makes you feel small
Shout toward the sky that shines on you
X 1


My voice touches the sky and rings
Until the clouds can hear me, until I am satisfied

Look at the sunset
Whether it's an early morning wish
Or a story of a painful love
Just say it first, just as you wanted
Don't give up without even starting
Take that small dream that settled deep in your heart
Thanks today's weather is joyful
Don't cry, you can fly
You don't even try

Lift up your droopy head that seems like it's not even there
Play like excited children, la si do re mi pa
Along with the rising melody and the quickening tempo
Laugh aloud, hahahaha haha
x 2

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