You know me
You know everything about me now
My heart is in your hands and you know you could break it
but wouldn't you rather make me sing like this?

You know me. I try to find some good in everything
Since you came along some of this got easy
cuz all you wanna do is please me my love

This could be a roller coaster we're gonna make the most of
whether on top, or we're going down, you know me

You know me
I know you
And how I get when I'm uncomfortable
If I'm too hot or cold, tired, bored, or hungry
I'm fine when you're around me boy

And you know me. I've never been on time for anything
I do apologize I know its such a bother
I promise to try harder for you girl
I will

This is a risk we're taking. It's a love in the making
We've got nothing up our sleeves
We've got an understanding I don't think we could have planned it better
I know, cuz you know, you know me

You know me
You know me
I work too much I'm always on the run
Baby I know its only just begun
You know how hard it can be
To go on chasing something
This could amount to nothing when it's all said and done

I think you can make me better
I'm walking on air but I'll never regret anything that helped me see

But if you can be proud of me
And proud of yourself cuz you got me
Then darling you know, yea we both know, you know me

And I'll never hurt you darling you know damn well
And I'll never make you wonder if the things that I tell you aint the honest truth
I bet a lot of folks can say they know me
But no one would ever know me like you know me
You know me

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