Supposed to Do lyrics

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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Supposed to Do"

feat Skepta

What am I supposed to do?
Tell me
Now I know it's you

Tell me, tell me
What am I supposed to do now?
Now I know it's you

That I love

Still in the make and I wanna be great but they tell me be patient

Don't compare me to none of these niggers in the game
'Cause they way too basic
And I'm just that amazing, I reach them stages

In the league WITH THE MAJORS
Fuck your blunts, $#[email protected] your statements
The $#[email protected] you thinking?

Nah, ain't doing no more favors
Never hit a nigger just to make me famous
Little nigger, FLOWS GO CRAZY

And them other niggers can't tame me
Flame me, blame me
All the niggers that doubt it

All y'all niggers some cowards
All y'all niggers step up and get devoured
Six feet deep with a bouquet of flowers

Tell me what, what am I supposed to do?
'Cause RESPECT for mine is so overdue
I'm the best in it, just pay attention, take a closer view

'Cause ain't nothing like them and ain't nothing like you
These niggers changed like Clark in the booth
Can't trust niggers, I don't trust dudes

I buy your (*##$ like pay per view
I SET THE STANDARDS, I tell you, too
What's competition, come show me proof

This God flow, this Jesus Christ
That's say a prayer before I sleep at night
I'm still sinning, don't be offended

My dick intended for a Spanish wife
This chess, homie, not checkers, (*##$
Ain't playing with you, no action figures,


They keep telling me I'm the best in the country

And I like how that sounds
You think you Superman, I get the Kryptonite and bring you right back down
Yeah, you know the drill, I kill MC's till it's overkill

But how many more am I supposed to kill
Next to these ?? rappers I'm so embarrassed

I'm in the booth working my magic
My nigger in the studio, heard my lyrics and put his hands on his head like Khalid
These other MC's need practice

'Cause when I heat up it's a madness
Hundred degrees, niggers melt like plastic
Lyrical war, yeah, THAT'S MY LANGUAGE

I turn Super Saiyan, just so you know I ain't playing
I heard niggers like you before
You got a good flow, but you ain't saying %#@!

Just a bunch of words with no meaning, no heart, no feeling
But when I lay it down, I lay it down so lax
IT'S MY NAME everybody screaming

And we don't care what it cost
Me and my niggers, we all gotta floss
Don't give a %#@! how you talk รข??round here

You better talk properly when you talk to the boss
You amateur, say you got fans online, few shows, and a manager
Think you've got the game on lock

I press start, here comes NEW CHALLENGER, SKEPTA!


There are some serious rumors around
There's a new sheriff in town
Fuck your apologies, back up his arteries

BURY HIM deep in the ground
Tell him keep sleeping, I'm never defeated
I will not repeat it, you follow me now?
Look in my eyes, you can tell that I'm ready
You rappers are puppets, then tell them I said it

Don't give a $#[email protected] and this %#@! is embedded
MY FLOW IS INFECTED, I may need a medic
Tell me who better, I make you regret it
It's in my genetics, your %#@! is pathetic
What am I 'posed to do but be great

Never let a thing stand in my way
And there ain't no such thing as "I can't"
You looking at a rare breed, a new species
I walk right through hell in my sneaks

Show me the Devil, I show you the rebel
I show you my heart when it come to the medal
Tell me who better, I never will settle
My niggers just told me never let off the pedal
Keep my Jordan 5's on their neck

Fuck whoever got next, $#[email protected] your fame dog and respect
You don't know what life was like in the projects
Ever seen the look in his face before death
I seen my granny before her last breath
Ain't no calm down on my compound
There's no contest 'cause I'm bomb threat

No conjuring on my mindset
I bought two choppers for my sound check
Say who wanna war and I'm coming alone
Spray at you haters like $#[email protected] cologne
Starvation 3 outta let out the beast
So it's bone appetite and I'M READY TO FEAST

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