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What the f*ck this industry
God bless my enemies
Too many light nigga shine to speak
So they find the beat so they don't bother me
But I'm, any nigga can rap but I'm ..again
I.. I'll be the truth guess who ..
Desk me in the drop top .. shots in your back of your head
And we .. again don't .. the little like a flow to a little ..
I'm a dog and I'm all in the middle balls on middle
I can't call plus a nigga ..out real fast for all of my niggas
Got a mail f*ck that nigga I'm good in a way ..
Got damn i feel so amazing ask for the .. statement
Don't .. when i .. my base, nigga f*ck ..
Hey y'all for them bitches .. it's going them snitches
Talking out your ash
You gonna need a little more than the ..
More shit done got real, shit done got real, shit done got real
Any given day you could be victim mine
.. just prayin hope and day you see them
Shit done got real, shit done got real
I don't really think these niggas i'ma ..with your face
Kind of ..nigga it's getting kind of .. motha f*cka
I don't really think you should approach me nigga
Rap lady I'm motha f*cka when you heard what i said
Try to play me coast nigga
I'm already bout to die when you .. nigga
.. see the white me
..nigga anyway ?
?like you know me and i had to let it go nigga
?strip down
I know it was unbelievable .. like a ceremony
..blow me nigga
I wanna craft nigga .. talk about you ..
You nigga better know the deal when i come do
Better learn you gonna feel and you shit them got real

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