Partyline 555 On-Line lyrics

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5IVE lyrics : "Partyline 555 On-Line"

You can call me anytime baby
Pick up the phone dial 555 On line

Let's have a party connect me to somebody
Let's have a party connect me to somebody 555 On line

Being the man that I am and the click that I got I wish
I was a little more like super cop it's a frenzy,

my friends be like Benz's to bentley this bad boy's
not bad so why don't you comprende
I've got your number don't you think it's time we hook

it up I'm all alone, ain't no mums in my area can't go
to your placem cus your mum's scarier you want to
bring some of your friends, the more the merrier

You got my number on your dial

Waiting, just to come around
Anytime, anywhere whatever's planned on
Mini skirts, high shoes and leather

tonight's the night turn me on

Jhelisa got the body julie got the the back

Lisa got the energy to help me stay on track


I'm not talking about the laies who love to lead you on
Say they got you number, but they never ever call like

Eva the honey dip, Now I don't even wanna trip gave her
my number her man gave me a fat lip I don't bother
calling anyone anymore slipping the finest chauffeur

driven and I'm getting calls 555 laies love the cool J,
No mr Smith in this baby and get the real thing



Now I got digital and optical I'm even on the net I got MMM,
ah, oh I forget cos nothing in this world' like som sexual

healing toss it up baby, I'm ready, willing, receiving
understod loud and clear I'll be there you got my number

on your dial any time anywhere whatever's clever, Mini
skirts, high shoes or leather tonight's the night baby got to
get mo wetter

Girl you look so fine you just call me any time
you're driving me crazy can't get you off my mind [X3]

Let's have a party, connect me to somebody

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Writer(s): Herbert Crichlow
Copyright: Megasong Publishing
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