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2013 RAP lyrics

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2013 RAP JOECOOL lyrics : "2013 RAP"

2013 nobody's going green
The microwaves clean no not charlie sheen
My brothers playing black ops 2 its new
look at my shoes listening to blues
i punched tom cruise in his nose
and everybody knows that its true
turned into goo im talking to you
be sure not to catch the flue i got homework due
on monday
Santa never came it was really lame
i was so ashamed
christmas is the time of the year
snows on the ground over here
im still learning how to steer
a bike
Fish smell really bad its just sad
it makes me mad no not glad
i said mad and if you keep
calling me names im gonna tell my dad
it wont be rad and you will cry
you will cry and cry and cry
clearly we all did not die
2012 apocalypse was a lie
Fresh apple pie look at that guy
i went to best buy and i met bill nye
i looked him in the eye and he hit me in the thy
and when i asked why he would just deny
Theres a new year every year once a year
so yeah yippy skippy its cold outside
2012's kept in a file with all the other years
in a pile 2013 should make you smile
the floors covered in small tiles
really sucks to pocket dial
but only for a little while
soon enough you'll reconcile
the worlds taken over by Gangnam style
Red green purple and yellow
these are all colors of jello i think
but i say hello to 2013 what a nice fellow
but it really smells oh green light usually means go
this rap doesn't have a vary good flow and yeah i know
so dont hate on my dog (chorus)
Its 2013 and im wearing socks yeah it rocks
stacking up the blocks when i say know knock
flying up like a gun shot in the parking lot
At the waffle shop waiting on the clock
in the same spot just need a kilowatt
like an astronaut that just forgot
the baseball was caught fruit will rot
and it does allot
the snow is white ill take a bite
use it in a fight without an invite
so don't be uptight ittle be alright
even be a delight you can stay overnight
and we can recite whatever we write
with a flashlight nothing in despite
and i just might be polite it will be a sight
when i ignite some dynamite

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