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Extra ft. Rich Homie Quan (Explicit) lyrics

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2 Chainz lyrics : "Extra ft. Rich Homie Quan (Explicit)"

[Hook: 2 Chainz]
I got extra
I got extra
I got money
I got work, far as hoes
I got a plethora

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
I get money
12 gauge shotty
I don't like nothing but hoes and tattoos on my body
I got extra, you want some
Fucked your girl on accident, that's a hit and run
Heaven's sake, it's been a hell of a day
I pray for all my niggas with a federal case

[Bridge: 2 Chainz]
Okay, Southside I gotta own this, snakeskin on my hat, albino
I'm rich, like Lionel, I get head like Rhino
I'm riding on my rivals, survival, bible
Rifle, bullets, for y'all niggas?

[Hook: 2 Chainz]

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
I just put on the run, 100 piece for a show
I just had a threesome for three weeks in a row (yeah)
Last name Chainz, first name Two
I'm TRU 2, you know I do it, I get head 'fore I screw it, first thing I do
Yeah you know I'm stuntin, cus I'm gettin to the money,
Put it in her tummy, put it in her tummy
Hit her with the morning dick, ooh, I ain't pissed yet
Yeah I rep the A, the only thing I fail is a piss test

[Bridge: 2 Chainz]

[Hook: 2 Chainz]

[Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan]
I'm Rich, like Homie
I got yo bitch, from my homie, (2 Chainz what it do?)
That living room, full of that paper
Used to have a little room thats a house and an acre
Call her in the kitchen room, and she fucking with the bacon
Chopper lift ya to the moon, fuck y'all thinking?
If I get her in the room she gon' suck my babies
Tryna work her moves, she tryna move the baby
If you owe me money real soon, then you better pay me
Me and 2 Chainz, get it like shoe strings, strapped like laces
And I'm too clean, riding in a car A
RichHomie, no new team, boy I'm a star like Macy's
Boy I thank god I made it, got a couple broads in the [Decatur]
I'm in the fast lane driving in the car going crazy
And I got your main dame, yeah the one you call you lady
[?] a million dollars, most important thing saving
And if you wanna book me here my agent
I got eight pounds in an old car on old Nat from the skate town on the

[Bridge: 2 Chainz]

[Hook: 2 Chainz]

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